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    Turkestan elm (Ulmus pumila celer) :  

A deciduous, bright green, small leafed plant which forms a dense hedge.

Grows rapidly (3 m in 2 years)  
Offers substantial shading  
Low maintenance  
 Good protection from the elements  
Offers good sound proofing  
    Adjustable growing  
Edible for animals  


  Hedge plant:  

Our WonderHedge is extremely resistant, low maintenance and can thrive in any soil. Planting in pictures
A well-irrigated Wonder Hedge will grow intensely.
Once the WonderHedge has reached your desired size, it needs little water and then growth slows, hence it is an ideal plant for a fence or privacy hedge Pictures about the plant

It can grow 1,20 - 1,80 meters per year, up to 5 meters tall, while forming an abundant bush and reaches the height of a fence within one and half years. It takes to cutting well and, due to its tiny leaves, it is easy to make into desired shapes or designs.

    Ordering our plant:  
    We want to make sure our guests are satisfied with their order. Once you fill out our order form we don't ask you to pay straight away. Reserve the goods in advance and only pay 2-3 weeks before the delivery. You can change your order until the actual payment more  
    Quick growing, excellent for shading & privacy  
    Grows to the required height, thickness and shape  
    Great for dust insulation and absorption  
    Thrives in bad soil and climate conditions  
    Softens noise pollution  
    Resistant to Dutch elm disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi)  
    Resistant to canker disease (Botryodiplodia hypodermia)  
    Easy to plant and low maintenance costs Prices  
  Purchase and delivery more  
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